G is for Grateful Dead

A must read for all music lovers and Deadheads.

A Unique Title For Me

The Grateful Dead have become a family to me, maybe more of a virtual family, but a family none the less.  The Grateful Dead have passed down stories through their songs and these stories are worth retelling as a long strange trip.  To me the Grateful Dead are eternal, their music transcends space and time and runs deep to the primal core of what it means to be a human being.  The group is not together any more, unless you consider remnants and spinoffs, once Jerry Garcia died in 1995, so sadly there is no more Grateful Dead.  I will always identify myself as being a Deadhead and I plan on writing some more posts on this group.  Most bands can be copied, but it is not easy for a band to mimic the Grateful Dead sound.

The Library of Congress chose to archive an entire show by The Grateful…

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